Thursday, July 10, 2014

Recent Stitchings and TUSAL Update

Since my last post, I have been keeping myself busy and still managing to squeeze in some stitching time.  First off, here is my June Tusal update:

I had some orts to add from my father's day project.  I didn't want to get distracted from it, though, so I wasn't working on many other projects at the same time.  

Since I finished Vault Boy, I have made a couple more Christmas ornaments.  These are for my family members:

The leaves will be pretty much the same in the remaining ornaments but the monograms are all in a different color.  I still have to do a yellow C, a blue D, and a purple J.  I haven't decided on the best way to finish these yet, but they do have to be simple since my mom decorates their tree in mostly white and silver.

I also made Little Guy a small Sonic the Hedgehog as a "feel better soon" present.  He is very happy with the finished image.  We just put it in a black picture frame.

And, I finally made myself something!  I completed this Lizzie Kate chart sans heart charm with a few minor changes to color and some of the stitches.

I held a strand of light and dark thread together when stitching the trees and completed the hill with half stitches for a more grassy affect.  

Hope you are all enjoying your summer.  Happy stitching!

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