Monday, May 5, 2014

Newly Finished

I have managed to finish a few cross stitch ornaments since I posted last.  I have never stitched so frequently before, so I am kind of proud of myself  :)

Anyway let's get down to the photos...Here is the adorable Christmas cow ornament I made for a friend. The pattern is from this Leisure Arts book.  I substituted for colors I had on hand and used red seed beads instead of french knots for the holly berries.  This was also the very first ornament I have ever finished, so it could be better, but I think it turned out alright.

I made a couple of anniversary ornaments for Mister that will be backed with the photographed fabric.

My mom just got 6 Gold Sex Link hens and she's taken to calling them her golden girls, so I'm going to try to stitch the chibi Golden Girls chart below and give it to her for mother's day.

Hopefully you've had time to stitch to your heart's desire.  Have a great day.  Happy stitching!

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